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Vidicode Call Recorder Pico

Vidicode Call Recorder Pico

The Call Recorder Pico is a single line USB Call Recorder. It's a powerful little hardware & software combination that connects your phone and your computer, allowing you to record phone calls automatically or manually. Together with the included Pico PC software and your PC you can easily record all your telephone calls. The recordings are stored in a comprehensive database on your PC with registration of all available data: date, time, internal and external telephone number, duration of the call and more. You can even use it to record conversations in the room with its microphone input. It's the perfect recording solution for private persons, small businesses, call centres (special functionalities) or any other organisations.

Unlimited recording time

Every gigabyte of free disk space on your PC allows you to record up to 180 hours of conversation on a hard disk.

Multiple telephones

It's possible to record simultaneously from one up to at least 4 Pico's on 1 PC, depending on the USB & processor capacity of your PC.

Search function

The Pico software has an extended search function. Search by Date, Week, Time of day, Duration of the call, Device, Telephone number, Name, or Notes.

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