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Epygi Quadro M32X

Epygi Quadro M32X


Analog phones: 2
IP phones: 32
Add'l IP phones with
keys: up to 192 in
blocks of 32 or 64

Total extensions: Up to 400 including FXS phones, LAN IP phones, remote and virtual extensions

E1/T1 ports: 1

Ethernet LAN ports: 1
Ethernet WAN ports: 1
DMZ Ethernet backup: 1
Compact Flash slot
for add’l memory: 1

Enclosure: Steel rack mount



The QuadroM32x IP PBX was designed for larger businesses with a greater need for IP extensions and SIP trunks. The appliance boosts capacity to as many as sixty concurrent calls and scales to 192 extensions.

Maximum call capacity is achieved using ITSP services and an E1/T1 interface for all local and failover calling (the ability to switch to another system in the event of service interruption). The QuadroM32x includes two FXS ports for connecting standard analog phones, fax machines or similar devices.

Like other Quadro IP PBXs, the QuadroM32x comes with a built-in QoS router for Internet access, a stateful inspection firewall, NAT, DHCP client and server, IPSec and VPN. It can be configured remotely via web browser using a simple GUI.

Software enhancements include an optional integrated 32/64-person conference bridge (enabled with license keys) and programmable ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) (ETA 4Q2008) for call centers. Installation and configuration protocol improvements make larger network installs faster and easier.



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