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Epygi Quadro M32XMatrix SETU VFXTH



The G404 is powerful, affordable, high quality and manageable IP telephony ATA/IAD for next generation network.


 . 4 FXS ports and up to 4 concurrent VoIP calls

. Real time FAX over IP via T.38 and T.30 FAX with G.711

. TR069 CPE management & monitoring protocols 

. Field proven compatibility and stability 

. Very Highly affordable and effective 4 FXS ports VoIP CPE

I/O Interface
4 FXS Port s (4 RJ11)
2 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports (2 RJ45, 1 WAN, 1LAN)

Voice Codec

G.711 (A-Law, u-Law) with PAMS above 4.3
G.729A/AB with PAMS above 4.0
Adaptive Jitter Buffer Management
Voice Activity Detection
Comfort Noise Generation
Echo Cancellation


Mac address cloning
SIP proxy redundancy 
_dynamic via DNS SRV, A records
Direct IP to IP calling
NAT Traversal by STUN
DMZ and Super DMZ
DHCP Server and Client
IP conflict detection
ARP spoofing prevention
QoS with Layer 2 (802.1Q VLAN, 802.1p) and Layer 3 (ToS, DiffServ)


Firmware Upgradeable
Web and IVR-driven Management Interface (TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS)
Local and Remote Syslog (RFC3164)
Auto Provisioning and SNMP V2
SNTP Time Synchronization
Multi User Level
TR069 CPE management & monitoring

Fax over IP

T.38 compliant Group 3 Fax Relay up to 14.4kpbs, T.30 Fax with G.711

Call Features

3-way conference, Music on hold, Call hold/forwarding/mute/transfer/waiting 
Caller ID and CWCID, DTMF Relay- In-band, Out-band and SIP info
Hotline, Short Dial, Call Block, Dial Rule

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